Staffordshire Junior News

A new Staffordshire Junior site is being created.

The Staffordshire secretary for Junior Chess is Jonathan Blackburn please contact at or 07891 600114.

Current updates:
Unfortunately the Staffordshire Over the Board Junior Chess Championships that normally take place in December has been cancelled due to the increase in Covid cases and uncertainty with venues.

There are two events for Junior players 

Junior 4NCL event in Normanton in Jan 2022 - we are seeking to enter 2 Staffordshire teams. A number of young players have already entered.

EPSCA events March 2022, under 11, under 9 and under 11 girls teams have been entered, we are seeking to find all possible players suitable for selection
Online chess is still in full flow, Junior 4NCL online season has just ended, but ECF junior events still happen. You will be notified of this when becoming a member at the ecf website.
The Staffordshire juniors online team takes on other counties on the first Monday of the month at 6pm, You may join our team here:

(Please inform Jonathon of  both your username and real name as he will not accept random accounts).
Applications are currently being accepted to take part in the Staffordshire and surrounding areas High School chess league, or SASAHSCL for short. Secondary schools will need a teacher to make contact and lichess accounts can be created fixed on 'kidmode' for safety with our collaboration with the charity Chess in schools and communities.

I would also like to wish good luck to the schools who have entered the U19 national championships and take place in the online qualifying event on 22nd November.

Best wishes,