Under 1450 Staffordshire 7 Worcestershire 1

 Congratulations to the Staffordshire U1450 Team who have become Midland Counties U1450 Champions after their victory against Worcestershire. The match was played at Newcastle Under Lyme Bridge Club and the Staffordshire Chess Association would like to thank them for the arrangements.

The match card may be seen here with Staffordshire victorious on all but one board. The match was played over only eight boards due to Worcestershire having difficulties achieving a full 12 player side. Staffordshire captain Stephen Smithson sportingly agreed the reduction and thanks to the Staffordshire Players; James Topp, Bob Perry and Roger Coleman, who stood down at short notice. The Staffs Team included Gary Wicket the first blind player to represent Staffordshire in recent years.

Stephen Smithson's report on the match is included below.

Peter had encountered his opponent several times previously and dug deep to gain his first ever win against him. (Not True Peter won in 2015)

Josh stepped up to play against their Board 2 and took down this higher rated and much more experienced player.

Rhys made a good response to Queen's Gambit, but simply needs more experience and strengthening those strategic thinking muscles. 

I as Black dodged some early aggression by my opponent and built a much stronger position, forcing him into a decisive endgame in my favour. 

Martin was solid against an inexperienced opponent, showing precisely how to play the person put opposite you.

Maurizio galloped to inevitable victory, managing to avoid those mistakes which can occur when still relatively new to this gig.

Gary was simply amazing!  Over 4 hours, he beat down his opponent.  From following d4 with e4 as early as move 5 to forcing an endgame with Rook and two pawns against a solitary Bishop.